7 Great Advantages A Virtual Assistant Enjoys (#7 Is Priceless)

Virtual assistantLast week, I talked about how to be a virtual assistant even you don’t know about computer stuff.

Honestly, to become one, it’s not really that hard. Especially if you’re willing to learn the things you need to learn to start an online career.

And if you’re really committed, have the right attitude, and exhibit good character… it won’t take that long to get some clients.

Now listen:

A typical new employee finds it hard to earn P20,000 a month. Especially for fresh graduates. And especially you didn’t graduate from the top universities in the Philippines.

How much more if you’re average like me, right?

Moreover, if you send your resumes to companies located in the Visayas and Mindanao region, good luck finding a job that offers you P20,000 a month.

Unless you work in the government or big call center companies in Cebu and Manila.

But, that’s not the case if you want to become a virtual assistant. Even for the first time.

Depending on your clients and the skills you have, you can earn as much as P30, 000-50,000 a month. Even you just started. Again, even you’re a starter. I’m the living proof.

With all the promising career to become a virtual professional, it is not at all per se heaven.

REALLY. There are pros and cons.

But today, let’s start talking about the good side.

Let’s dive in.

7 Advantages of Being a Virtual Assistant

1. No Daily Hassle

Can you imagine the daily traffic of commuting to work every day? Though I don’t feel it much anymore here in General Santos City. But when I was still working in the BPO industry in Cebu, I really felt the horrible traffic!

I guess the traffic in Cebu is just peanuts for those who work in Metro Manila, am I right?

One research conducted by Waze said, “Metro Manila has the worst traffic on earth”

But, you don’t need to experience this situation anymore. If you become a virtual assistant.

Because you will work at home.

Goodbye traffic!

Now you save yourself to the daily inconvenience of life commuting and stuck in traffic.

2. You Can Save More


Since you remove yourself from the daily commute.

And if you’re driving a car or motorcycle going to work, you also save for gasoline.

The budget for fare and gasoline can now be set aside for savings. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in clothing. You can wear whatever you want.

To convince you further, you also save for your budget for lunch. I don’t know if you’re like me. I don’t want to bring a lunch box or a packed lunch. I like freshly cooked food every meal.

These are some of the things I can tell you. There’s more.

Again, you can save more and more and provide better for your family as a virtual assistant.

3. You Don’t Deal Anymore to the World of Corporate Politics

You work at home and you work alone. So you won’t have to deal anymore with people who compete and gossips about you.

Just to get ahead of others. Just to have a raise. And to get promoted (Kung baga sipsip).

Sometimes at work, you wonder why there are people who get promoted even though they’re not capable or deserve a promotion. Right?

Well, it’s because of corporate politics. It sucks. That happens.

That’s life in the corporate world.

These people are lucky enough to get their MBAs at work.

You know MBA: Manager by Accident.

As a virtual professional, you forget these MBAs.

If you want a bigger pay, just increase your value. Period.

4. You Dictate Your Own Value

I mentioned about value. You might say, “Marleo, what value are you talking about?”

The value is the perception of the income you want to earn online. This is where your income will be based.

A few months ago while I was still working in the corporate world, I applied to be a virtual assistant as a sideline income.

My first client asked me, “How much do you want to earn per month in Philippine money? I told him P20,000. He said, “Please break it down into a day and per hour assuming you only work five days in a week.

And guess what? I only earn around $2 per hour. It’s okay. But I wasn’t motivated as I should be.

Good thing we parted ways early. I found better-paying clients that I charge at least $3.5 dollars per hour.

In the corporate world, if you’re earning $3 per hour, you’re already a supervisor or even a manager to earn that range of income as a self-starter employee.

5. The More Valuable Your Skills, the More You Keep Clients, and the More You Grow Your Income

If you could learn some skills highly in demand, you get to charge higher. You get to keep more clients. You get to dictate your own time to work any time of the day.

What are some skills highly in demand online? Writing, Social Media Management, Facebook Marketing, etc.

These are some skills that don’t require you to be a computer graduate.

Anyone can learn these skills in a month or two (Except to become a good writer). In the meantime, you can start being a virtual assistant doing a general or admin task.

Like being a real assistant to someone and doing some online research (This is what I do today).

Learn valuable skills on the sideline.  This is why I blog today.

Again, learn valuable skills. Increase your value.

6. You Have A Bit of Time Flexibility Than a Typical Non-Virtual Employee

When I was a call center agent, metrics upon metrics I have to hit daily, weekly, and monthly.

I have to work hard every day to hit my metrics consistently. I work hard in a graveyard shift. And I work hard with an endless cycle of rotating schedules.

It’s really stressful to be a call center agent. I salute you all call center agents out there. It’s not easy to be one. A lot of people look down on call center agents. They said it’s no brainer to become one. I beg to disagree.

But I’m digressing now.

Being a virtual assistant, you have a bit of flexibility. Some clients require you only specific time or hours in a day to finish your assignment or project. It’s up to you how you spend your time.

No metrics. No boss. No QA. Just quality output.

Working at night

There are lots of virtual assistants who work at night. But this is still a better option. In my opinion.

Why? Because most of the time there are no metrics to hit or to maintain.

Again, no boss. No QA. No one monitoring you physically.

You can sit, stand, job, run, sing, talk, etc. in front of your computer. Nobody cares. You work alone. Your client is on another planet.

You can have your coffee and water anytime. You can eat whatever you want in front of your computer. You can wear whatever you want to wear (Yep, most of the time I work half-naked.)

Above all, you can pee and sleep in the toilet anytime. I’m exaggerating.

The world doesn’t care whatever you want to do while you work in front of your computer.

Be comfortable and flexible whatever your work habits.

The significant thing only, accomplish the most important task of the day (Base on priority) and have some quality output for your client/s that makes them happy.

7. You Can See Your Family and Be With Them Every Day Most of the Time

Do you love this setup?

I love it. This is priceless.

It is one of the best perks I really enjoy as a virtual assistant today.

Any time of the day I can kiss my wife. I can play with my son. And I can hug them whenever I want.

I’m now able to repay my lost time for my family when I was still working in Cebu.

We can laugh a lot today and eat our meal together.

My family is the most important in this world. That’s why I did all my best to be with them. And one of the best solutions is to become a virtual assistant.


Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of advantages to getting yourself into a virtual career. I just listed my top seven.

Do these things excite you?

Hopefully so.

How about you? Do you want more time with your family?

Try a virtual career.

Next week, I’ll talk about the downsides. This is where you contemplate if becoming a virtual assistant is right for you.

See you again.




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