About Us

Hi there! Welcome to IdeastoBiznes.

My name is Marleo. The creator of this blog.

This site is about helping others succeed in business either online or offline.

A Little Background About Me

I was born into a poor broken family. I graduated college through a working student program. I proceeded with my Masters in Business Administration just for the sake of learning more and not to climb the corporate ladder.

Because my plan is to create my own ladder and be the first climber.

Call me: Gutsy! Dreamer! Bold! Because I really am.

But I would rather call myself a dream-traveler. Oh no, not the sleepy thing. The person who lives by his dreams every day!

It means I’m on a journey towards my dreams. I’m achieving them now one by one.

My Previous and Current Work

I had worked in the BPO industry for more than 7 years in Cebu. In other words, I was a call center agent.

Today, I’m a father and a devoted husband to my wife.  I’m living with my family in my hometown city: General Santos.

Currently, my primary source of income is my virtual career. Which means, I’m a work-at-home dad.

I started this career a few months ago just to have more time with my family. And of course, to earn more!

Being with my family most of the time is one of the great advantages as a work-at-home dad.

I can say it’s a lucrative career. It more than doubles my income. Compared to what I was receiving when I was a call center agent.

Take note:  even I just only started in July this year.

This Blog is Not All About Me, It’s About You

I want to share with you what I know. Started from my experiences, from joblessness to employment, to a virtual career, and becoming a business owner (This blog is one of my business ideas).

I believe money is really important to all of us, would you agree? It affects every area of our life. Especially the most important thing in the world: LOVE.

You can’t pay your bills with love, can you?

This blog is one of the answers on how to earn better online and offline. And slowly achieve your dreams in life.

Let’s journey together to this goal.

I share valuable information, tips, and guide on how you can to start a business online and offline.

My real goal is to give you hope. Because there’s always hope to achieve our dreams.

When you hope, you feel inspired. And when you’re inspired, you take action for your dreams!

My MBA degree is nothing

I have a sort of MBA, but this degree didn’t motivate me to start a blog.

My other MBA degree did: Marleo’s Biggest Aspiration.

My mission, “To help as many people earn better online, start their own business, and achieve financial freedom in life.”

Let’s Connect

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Or you may connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

You can shoot me an email anytime at marleo@ideastobiznes.com.

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