7 Ways to Bring Out the Best Ideas In You

How to bring the best ideas in you?

This is a good question. Isn’t it?

Here’s the fact: Your ideas are your asset. However, if you can’t organize and separate dirt and gold from your ideas, you may not be able to bring out the best in you.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late.

I developed a way to organize my ideas. Being a thinker myself, a lot of ideas going on in my mind. And I need to organize them so that it’s easier for me to bring them to reality.

Alright, let’s get started to bring out the best ideas in us.

1. Be Curious

The best way to start is to be curious. And to be curious is to start with a question. How did things happen? Why people behaved the way they behave. Why a certain business, their service sucks? Why are we stuck to where we are right now? Why are we not earning the money we should be earning?

Pretty good questions to begin.

Curiosity always starts with a question. What questions do you have?

Here are my suggestions: challenge your mediocrity, challenge yourself on how you can get out being average.

Start your curiosity by asking yourself. The ideas will start popping everywhere in your mind.  

2. Ask Smart Questions

Being curious is good. But the real deal is to ask smart questions. To ask questions that really matter. A question that truly solves a problem than blaming a circumstance or people.

Asking questions can make or break depending on the quality of questions you ask. Because that’s where we will move forward to do something and make things better. Be smart in asking questions. Smart people ask smart questions.

3. Find the Best Answers

We have to find the right answers. Not only the right answer but the best answer of them all. This is to critically analyze a certain situation and try to brainstorm a possible outcome of each answer. Try to play it in your mind and feed your curiosity. 

4. Write Down Everything

This is pretty easy. Just write down your ideas. The question and answer. The problem and the solution. The good and the bad. It is a good habit to write your ideas and keep track of them. This is what I do always. I write them down.

But I have a problem to confess. I easily lose my notes and start over again. My advice, keep your ideas to a vault where it never gets lost. Again, ideas are fleeting.

If we don’t take note and keep them, we may find it hard to organize again. That’s why starting a blog is one of the best ways to put your ideas on the web and keep them safe.

5. Narrow Down

There’s a lot of things that feed my curiosity and I get overwhelmed sometimes.  What I did is to focus on a few things and find the best answers. I narrow down the answers up to three and see the outcome in advance.

This is one of the best methods not to get bog down with so many ideas. That tend us not focus on important things.  Narrow down and set your sight on things that really matter to you.

6. Share it With Others

It’s important to ask the opinion of others about our ideas. Their feedback may help a lot to polish our brilliant concepts and bring out the best ideas in us.

It doesn’t mean you have to follow all of their suggestions or advice. Still, we have the last say if we obey their opinions or not.

Feedback can help us evaluate ourselves. And see if there’s something we can improve to our thoughts and make it better.

Let me repeat: Don’t forget to ask for feedback.

7. Be Curious Endlessly

Exactly. Being curious at once doesn’t help. Being curious continuously is. Continue to ask questions. Continue to find the answers. Be observant endlessly. In this way, you can always bring out the “best of the best” ideas in you.


Final Thoughts

Believe in yourself. You have a brilliant idea lie within you. Awaken it. Polish it. Live with it.

Bring out the genius in you. Bring out the best ideas in you. Rock the world with your ideas and make them real.


What do you think of the list? Do you have something to add?

Drop your comments below.


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