6 Beginner Blogging Facts I Could Hardly Accept When I Started

Blogging FactsLet me ask you, how did you find blogging as a beginner?

Damn, I thought blogging is just writing and writing. But I was wrong. Really wrong.

That doesn’t mean there’s no hope. No! This is just the beginning.

If you know the blogging facts, you’ll create a different mindset, a different approach, and a different plan to keep going no matter what.

In the information age, he who has facts and use it will truly win.

Do you know what the facts are?

Let me dive in and reveal it now…

6 Beginner Blogging Facts 

Blogging Fact #1: Blogging is Hard

I don’t believe it until I get started. I read online with many successful bloggers: They bragged about their income, their success, and their unlimited lifestyle.

The opportunity is too great.

When I started, unexpected things began to unfold. I instantly became a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none. I have to wear many hats: Web Designer, SEO, Editor, etc.

Too many things going on. Too many things to handle. Too many things to learn.

It’s so overwhelming!

Deep inside I ask myself, Is blogging really for me?

I have temptations to give up, I have temptations to do something else, and I have temptations to throw my towel and just walk away.

“I thought I’m just here to write and the money just flows.”

Those were the repeated words keep on whispering in my ear.

Far from my expectations.

Indeed. I now admit blogging is hard.

As all once beginners admit.

But there’s hope!

I hold onto the promise: What If I don’t give up and keep going? What if I could write a book one day? What if this is the only way I free myself from my 9–5 job?

These questions keep me holding on. And I’m really holding on until it happens

Blogging Fact #2: Blogging is Torture If You Aim For Quick Growth

That’s what I felt. I read everything I could about blogging as I aimed for quick growth.

Ending, I tortured myself. I suffered from information overload and stuck on the technical quagmire of building my website right. I’m not a techie person. And this added to my exhaustion and frustration.


A lot of bloggers claimed their quick success, quick money, and quick formula.

I was led to believe in their false advertising. What a total ignorant.

It opened my eyes, there’s no such thing as quick growth. Even Jon Morrow says in his blog, that it took him a few years before he was able to pull things off.

I must believe him. He’s my hero.

Go slowly Marleo.

Stop torturing yourself again. Take the baby steps.

Blogging Fact #3: Blogging is Nothing Without Passion

This is true.

Torture after torture to learn things all at the same time, why I allow these things to happen (Until I slow down)?


It’s what keeps me going. It’s what keeps me alive. It is what keeps me happy.

Dabbling my fingers on my keyboard for so many hours, it feels like an eternity.

What is passion by the way? It is a strong emotion that you can barely control. Still, you’re in control. If not, it becomes an addiction. But I digress.

Blogging without passion is like keeping a job that you hate. Because there’s a promise of steady income (According to many bloggers), we have to do it rather than will it.

There’s no real promise and a total guarantee of blogging success, it’s only dictated by how much time we spend and how we do things right.

It’s frustrating sometimes when no one reads our articles. It’s frustrating when no one bothers to appreciate our work. It’s frustrating when you get destructive criticisms.

Scary. Right?

But above all these. I’m thrilled. It’s different when you love what you are doing.

Blogging Fact #4: Blogging is Not About Me, It’s About You

I realized blogging is not all about, “Hey world! listen to my story.”

The real reasons for blogging are: to care, to share, and to love.

I may sound corny.

Think of money last. People begin to pay when you truly care.

Why in the world do people care about our story? They’re so busy. The real reason they go online is that they want to know something.

Something that fixes their predicaments, something that provides a solution to their problems, and something a quick answer to their questions.

Our story won’t matter if we don’t care to fill a hole of what they’re looking for.

So, it’s not about us. It’s about them.

It’s not about me, it’s about you! You are the reason why I spend so much time to craft the right word to say.

You are the reason why I seek to improve my ability to write (Even though I’m still terrible at it).

You are the reason why I research a lot before I write.

It’s because I serve you and not the other way around.

The real fulfillment in life is all about serving others.

Therefore: blogging is caring, serving and improving the lives of readers.

(Hopefully, you feel it right now.)

Blogging Fact #5: Blogging is Investing and Not Trading

When I started blogging, I thought I can earn right away. I can get traffic right away. I can get readers right away. Wrong.

Little did I know that it takes time to build a steady flow of income. It takes time to get rank in Google search. It takes time to get readers.

Why? Because I’m nobody. When you are a nobody, traffic is not given. This is one of my dilemmas.

There’s no time-trading in exchange for income. Like a job.

We have to learn many things first before we get something in return.

Plus, there’s an opportunity cost in blogging as explain by Blogtyrant. Are you willing to sacrifice?

That means, time is the core of investing in blogging. Until we see the fruit of our labor.

Plant now. Harvest later.

Blogging is the same as a typical brick-and-mortar business.

A little different is: Pour little capital and exert huge effort (time) doing all things alone.

Are you okay with this game?

Game on!

Blogging Fact #6: Blogging is Not Free

Absolutely. Unless you go with WordPress.com, Blogger, Medium (not the Premium), and Tumblr. These are all free. But the problem is, you don’t own your blog and have no total control.

I opened my first website through WordPress.com. I closed it. I didn’t get what I wanted. To have my own design and total control. Especially placing ads on my site.

That give enough reasons to pay for hosting and get my own domain name, even though I don’t want to pay. I was in debt.

I want a blog that has a potential of earning big. I have a goal to earn a living writing.

I’m glad I’ve made the right decision.

Blogging is not free especially if you treat it like a business. There are more things you will spend eventually when your blog started to grow.

Truly, blogging is not free if you’re really serious at it.


Final thoughts

These facts resonated with a majority of bloggers who were once beginners. Make the facts be your guide in blogging to fulfill your true mission why you blog.

Enjoy blogging and never give up.


What do you think about these facts? We have different approach and experiences in blogging. Do you have something to share? Tell me. Leave a comment below.

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