8 Brand Marketing Strategies to Wow Your Customers

Marketing StrategyThere’s a lot of company struggle to resonate their brands to their customers.

Truth be told, they didn’t plan well to market their brands.

Some say it might be their logo is bad. Or the color sucks. None of those matters.

Do you struggle to market your brand? Well, brand marketing is an arduous task. You must do the hard work and be smart and creative enough.

Your competitors are just waiting around the corner to steal your customers. You must be wise or else… you know what’s going to happen.

Alright, let’s go ahead and talk about it.

8 Brand Marketing Strategies to Wow Your Customers

No need for complexity. Simplicity is the trend today. Gone are the days that a logo must be super-flowery in design so that it gets attention.

Simplicity is the new beauty.

Look at the top brands in the world. They have the simplest design ever. Some just have one color.

Take a look at the top websites in the world. They are the ones that full of whitespace. They didn’t spend the time to fill in the white area on their webpage.

Above all, notice their logos.

If you’re going to make your own logo, make it simple and somewhat plain. What matter the most is the unique identity that helps you become identifiable and distinguishable from your competitors.

Again, make it simple and straightforward.

Make it simple but elegant.

2. Tell a Story

People love stories. And your customers too.

Tell us how your company starts from the scratch. Tell us how you process your wonderful product. And tell us with your amazing people behind your company.

Telling stories is one of the best ways to market your brand. People can easily relate to stories. They get emotional into it.

Your brand becomes powerful through the stories you tell. If you want to impress your customers, reveal who you are.  

Tell us how you meticulously process your products and how you hire the best people on planet earth (This might be an exaggeration but you get my point.) just to serve us.

Stories are how we connect with one another.

Tell us not just your company story but a story about how people use your product that slowly changed their lives. 

3. Have a Company Tagline

Does a tagline really necessary for a company today?

Some say it’s good to have no tagline than to have a bad one.  It’s true that a bad tagline can do more harm than good.

But you don’t need to miss this one. Competitors might copy everything off your business. The only thing they couldn’t copy is your tagline. 

A tagline can truly separate you from the rest of the packed. It speaks what you really offer to your customers.

There are a few reasons why a tagline is so important. You shouldn’t avoid it at all.

One of the first taglines of Coca-cola is “Delicious and Refreshing”. Who would’ve believed this company is not just a soft drink company?

Try to brainstorm with your team to capture your vision and mission of your company in just a few words. Others call this “mantra” or “slogan”, whatever you want to call it.

One thing for sure, taglines can provide a good glimpse of your DNA as a company.

Don’t miss this one!

4.  Be consistent in your messaging

Consistency is one of the foundations of brand marketing.

It will lead you to better recognition and become dependable. Consumers do trust brands they really recognize because you are consistent.

They know what to expect in your brand that you become predictable.

Consistency helps you get a good image and establish a strong brand recognition. It’s like smart branding.

Make an effort to be consistent in your messaging.

In the event that you missed to be consistent, it will confuse your customers of who you are as a company.

This question will slowly erode the integrity of your brand.

When you interact with your consumers through a consistent brand voice, it’s a major step to your organization.

So, create a strong communication within your company and develop a system to deliver a consistent messaging in all of your marketing activities.

You can do it!

5. Wow Customers With Your Customer Service

Competitions are really tough nowadays. Everyday, new competitors are coming out.

What truly made you become a powerful and a known brand is how you truly satisfy your customers through your great customer service.

What do you think of Amazon for who they are today? You guess it. It’s their unparalleled customer service.

Remember Amazon sells the same book titles as their competitors.

There were no special products Amazon sells until they introduced Kindle products.

While it was a pretty small back then, it was belittled by its big competitors. What Jeff Bezos did is to make customers experience better and better each day. See the full story of Amazon here.

One customer who gets a wow experience will refer as many people to your company to get the same experience. That’s how powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Making it free to get your brand known.

Focus on your customers and not on the competition.

Wow your customers always with your customer service.

6. Value Your People

I’m referring to the people inside your company.

When the people who run your company feel you value really them, they’ll do their best to embody what your brand stands for.

They will be more proud to use your own products and tell their friends and families about it.

It will create a spiral effect on your marketing. And it’s all free. Aside from that, you retain talents and people to grow your business.

Brand marketing is not all about the external factors. The people in your organization should be considered as well.

Empower your people and make them part of your grand plan. Plant your vision in them. Know where the company is going. And ask their help to execute your plan including the brand awareness strategy to serve your market.

The people in your organization are your primary asset. A company will not become a company without its people.

This is one of the best strategies to win in brand marketing: Valuing and empowering your own team.

They’re your army in the marketing battle.

Equip them. Fight with them. Win with them.

7.  Stay Connected With Your Customers

Here’s the eye-opening report according to a Walker study. Customer experience will takeover price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Turn your transactions into relationships.

Stay connected to your customers and listen further to their core needs.

I like Staples.com simple slides presentation of some creative ways to stay connected with your customers.

It touched on a personal level. It is not only by saying thank you and sending follow up emails.

But also being involved in a cause. That your company cares about helping to build a good society. You’re informing your customers to be aware of your good cause through emails, phone calls, and ads. 

They have the option to take part in society-building or nation-building.

This is not something a one-time show-off. It should be a continuous effort. Goodness branding is one of the most effective strategies for brand awareness.

Take the word out of your cause.

Connect with your customer on the emotional level. Through a cause you’re passionate about to promote.

8.  Take Social Responsibility

This is a close cousin to what I discussed above. However, I’ll focus more on creating a social responsibility as part of the core values of your company.

You don’t need to be a big company and have a big budget plan to execute it.

You don’t need a lot of people to fulfill this mission. Not necessarily.

Even a blogger can do this by providing a lot of free content and answering questions to their readers who can’t afford to buy premium products.

Business and entrepreneurship are all about changing people’s lives. Making the society better. Making this world a better place.

We can achieve all of this if each one of us would partake in social responsibility.

Just a little sincere and continuous effort will make a difference.

This is really important for brand awareness. You no longer think of brand marketing for doing this.

When you give, the universe will find ways to give back to you. And one of the benefits?

Your brand will be known and create a good image.

Your customers will say, “Wow! I’m proud I use the products of this company because they care.”

Big and small companies call this corporate social responsibility.

Bloggers as well can call it a personal social responsibility by encouraging others to believe in themselves and take small donations to certain causes they believe in.

Final thoughts!

Brand marketing is all about people.

Make them aware of who you are a business and what you can do to change your their lives through the products and services you provide.

Be organized. Be consistent. And be sincere in order to be effective in your brand awareness campaign.


What do you think of this brand marketing strategies? Is there something I miss?


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