Branding Yourself is Like Branding Your Life (And What You Can Do To Have A Brand New You)

Branding YourselfDo you believe it? Don’t you?

You don’t know who you are.

Daily, you grapple yourself on what’s really your expertise. Or people can’t identify who you want to become. Or where you excel at.

Feeling confused. Terrible. And messed up.

I feel you. I was like you. I tried a lot of things. I sent different signals to who I really am to the world. What’s my expertise? What am I really good at?

This was more obvious when I started applying for many jobs. I couldn’t get the job I really wanted.

I realized I didn’t have a real branding for myself. And this has changed.

You too. It’s not too late for rebranding.  

Today, I’ll tell you why branding yourself is like branding your life. And what you should do to have brand new you.

Let’s get it on!

1. You Act According To What You Think You Are

Samuel Smiles said, “If you sow a thought, you will reap an act. If you sow an act, you will a habit. If you sow a habit, you will reap a character. If you sow a character, you will reap a destiny.”

Everything you do starts in your mind.

Does your thinking help you? Or sabotage you?

You would know through evaluating your current situation. Try to think things through.

The way we think is how the way we act. And this will result in crafting a word that describes yourself.

In Psychology, we call this Labeling Theory. In Marketing, we call it personal branding.

What brand do you put yourself?  I branded myself now as a blogger and writer. The writer will become an author one day once I published my own book.

In the meantime, I want to be known to these two words. Though I just started, this is what I want to tell the world. I’m a serious blogger and a writer.

How about you? Even you’re not there to the branding you want, you should start acting it now.

Tell the world who you want to become. Or who you really are right now!

2. You Act on People According to Your Core Beliefs

How do you relate with others today?

I know what others think of you is none of your business.

However, we have to know how people responded to us to gauge our relationship with them.

Our beliefs have a great impact on how we are treated by others. It can shape our reality.

Now, personal branding is based on our core beliefs. The way we talk, our body language, our choice of words, our manner, are ways how we ourselves to other people.

Projecting or presenting ourselves is tantamount to marketing ourselves.

Marketing ourselves is easy if we have some good beliefs in us that supports what we want to achieve in life.

What type of beliefs do you have right now? Think about them.

Replace bad beliefs with the good ones.

Make a new branding.

This was my mistake. I had some bad beliefs that sabotage my branding. (Well, in fact, I didn’t know this before what personal branding is all about.)

Doubts, fears, lack of clarity that people don’t know what I really specialize. And this has to change.

I finally define myself with clarify. I trashed out those beliefs that didn’t help me at all.

Do the same thing. Produce new beliefs to create a brand new you for your personal branding.

3. Right Opportunities Only Fit to Your Branding

Absolutely. Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself to other people.

You can only attract clients or jobs fit your choice the way you position yourself either online or offline.

It is evident that opportunities can only find you when you have clarity of your personal branding.

I didn’t know this before. I ask myself, why I was not able to attract jobs that I really really want?

The answer is simple. I didn’t know my strong points. I didn’t know my true expertise.

Then, I started to correct it.

In the same way, the reasons why you haven’t got the job or clients you want to work with is because of weak branding.

Start branding strong.

Improve your skills that support your brand. Create a brand new you if you don’t like your current branding.

Make yourself competent to improve your personal branding.

Attract better opportunities through your competence.

4. You Only Become Confident If You Know What You’re Capable of Doing

Personal branding is base on confidence. And confidence relies on expertise. Expertise dictates the income we want to have.

Which obviously our income affects the quality of life we desire to live.

Bottom line: Know what you are capable of doing and focus on that idea. Become an expert in a certain area you want to be known for.

Slowly, you can build your confidence.

What I’m doing right now is to write and write to my blog to build my confidence of becoming an author one day. And to bring out the best in ideas in me

How about you?

Practice every day to an area you want to become known one day.

You don’t need to wait for tomorrow. Let people know what you are doing right now.

Assemble all things necessary to boost your confidence. Know what you are capable of doing and you are not far from getting the life you really want to live.

6. Success Depends On Your Branding

Branding is part of your strategies to market yourself. It means to market you, you should be the brand people are looking for.

So be careful who you are because that speaks about your brand.

How do you brand yourself for success? Through consistency.

Be consistent in your voice. The way you speak and write. Be consistent with the quality of your work. Be consistent in your presence online or offline.

Know that success depends on your branding. Our asset is our personal branding.

It’s crucial to our career and business success

This is why I made a lot of improvements or modifications to my profile online. Just to be consistent in all of my marketing channels to who I really am.

I and my blog should have one persona. It should have one voice. 

Now, let’s talk about you. You get the idea now. Prepare for success.

Brand yourself right and success will inevitably come your way in no time.


Final thoughts

Good personal branding is significant to advance success.

Our branding depends on our image.

And our image speaks how we position ourselves in a public situation either online or offline.

So, be careful how your brand yourself. It’s like you’re branding your life.

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