Business Blogging: How to Understand It from Scratch to an Online Empire

Blog EmpireAre you aiming to become a successful blogger?

Every day, we heard of bloggers who earned their freedom online.

How were they able to achieve such status? How were they able to amass wealth through blogging?

Or perhaps, you already started, but you’re still confused on the idea, how you can really make a lot of money blogging.

If these questions resonate with you. Then keep reading. Let’s talk it about in detail.

What is Business Blogging?

Let’s start with the meaning of the blog. I know this is sound repetitive for those bloggers who already started. You can skip this one. However, for those who have yet to start and planning to start, this information is a goldmine.

Of course, we don’t go down in history as what I did when I wrote about marketing basics.

Let me get straight to the meaning.

Simply, a blog is a website that provides valuable information to your readers. It is regularly updated. That’s why people use the term blogging.

Now, business blogging is making your blog to earn money.

That’s it. Simple but sweet. No more etymology and history. 

How to Start a Blog?

I’ve written a separate post on this one. Basically, you need to find a host for your blog and a domain name to have a website running.

You have to know this basic stuff as the foundation for starting a blog. Without it, it’s hard to understand blogging as a starter.

What is a blog host?

We won’t go on the technical stuff like DNS. I myself is not a techie.

To simplify, it is a company who gives you space online to build your blog and go live.

Let’s compare it to an offline business. For example, you lease or rent a building to occupy an office space. 

Obviously, you have to pay for the rent to start your business. In the same way in blogging. You have to pay for a host to have your blog to go live online.

How is a Domain Name?

Good question.

A domain name is plainly a website name. Like a newborn baby, he/she needs a name.

Starting a website requires an identification. A website address. Or a domain name.

Literally, domain means a territory or kingdom. So, what is the name of your kingdom?

It’s important you choose the right domain name. It’s better you choose a name related to the topic you want to talk about.

I mentioned earlier about a host.

Let go back to our rent example. The owner of the building where you are renting is the host.

You have space or host now. Get a domain name and you’re website is ready.

Can a Blog Earn at Least a Million-Dollar a Year?

We’re done with the basics.  Your blog is already setup. That’s pretty quick. Right?

Well, it has to. Building a site is really easy today. What’s harder? To market your site. To get traffic. To get readers.

Do you want to become a blog millionaire?

An owner of a blog empire?

This is a silly question. Isn’t it?

The answer is pretty obvious.

Subconsciously, at the back of our mind, it feels awkward. Uncomfortable. Giddy even.

What? Me? Can become a blog millionaire? That’s sounds unbelievable. Almost impossible.

Here are some bloggers who earned at least a million-dollar per year through their blogs.

They started from scratch. They were in our situation. The difference, they started earlier and didn’t give up.

A Blog is Like a Convenience Store

blog store

Before we go on how to make money blogging, let’s closely analyze a blog by comparing it to an offline business again. 

For me, a blog can be compared to a convenience store like 7-Eleven. While e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Shopify can be compared to malls. For example, Target and Walmart.

Most convenience stores are just leasing or renting a space (Owner of the space is the host).

You can display your articles on your blog as your first product. You need a lot of readers to use your products or read your content. I mean lots and lots of them to be very profitable.

In the blogging business world, readers are customers.

No readers, no customers.

What Are the Types of Readers?

There are three types of customers. Aka blog readers.

1. Unique readers/visitors

They visited your site just to read your content and leave. They bumped into your website because you appear in search engine results. Or they saw your intriguing post on social media sites or somewhere online.

2. Repeat readers/visitors 

They love your content that’s why they keep coming back.

3. Loyal readers or fans 

They no longer read your stuff, they also buy what you endorse or sell because they believe in you. There’s a relationship between you and your readers. The trust has been built.

Three Classifications of Products on Your Blog

1. Free product

This is your free content. Your blog articles are your first products. A product that comes from your brain. Your articles should be fresh and regularly produces.

2. Third party product 

This is where the affiliate product comes in. Affiliate means partner. You partner with any third party to sell their products on your blog. It’s either through advertising or affiliate programs.

3. Your own premium products and services

You are selling your own product that has a bigger value other than your free content. It’s either tangible or not. Most blogs are selling intangible products like ebooks, courses, webinar etc. It means information products (More on this later).

You may also offer your services like SEO, public speaking skills, consultancy etc. This will happen once you became an established authority on the subject matter.

The Hardest Part of a Blogging Startup

“A serious blogger is a reader. A good blogger is a writer. A true-blooded blogger is a marketer.” 

If you are like me with no credentials offline and online, it means a nobody, this will be the most challenging part.

To get blog visitors and read our content.

Being a blogger is not easy. Why? We are now a marketer by default. That signifies we have to plan every day how to attract traffic to our blogs.

We have to constantly strategize to attract readers to read our content. We are more data-driven. Analyzing our content what people are reading on our sites.

Google Analytics will be our best friend every day.

Actually, my time is limited to be an all-around marketer, my solution is to learn things one at a time. I’m blogging part-time as I run a full-time job. In addition, I don’t have some extra cash to invest in tools to simplify online marketing.

This is one of my blog dilemmas.

What Blogging is All About?

A lot of people join blogging for the sake of money. They thought they could earn money right away. They got frustrated and gave up.

Blogging is different from a brick-and-mortar business comparing it to a convenience store. After you built the store, you can start seeing the money coming in. Because there’s an exchange of tangible products.

Blogging is different. You offer FREE CONTENT first regularly in exchange to get readers attention.

And, getting attention is the fiercest competition online today. There are more than 400 million blogs on the internet.

That’s why developing a good marketing strategy is a key to success.

You cannot just write and write. Even you are the best writer in the world. If no one reads your blog, no one knows you’re one of the best writers out there.

And if you’re not a marketer, you won’t become a bestseller or a successful blogger.

What blogging really is all about?

This may sound corny. But let me get it straight.

Blogging is really is all about service.

“What? Where’s the service play in blogging?”

“You mean blogging is a non-profit organization providing free service, how can we earn?”

A sort of non-profit at first. Money will just follow.

Common Denominators of Top Bloggers in the World 

Neil Patel of Quicksprout, Darren Rowse of Problogger, Brian Dean of Backlinko, Jon Morrow of Smartblogger and other top bloggers out there.

They all started out as a sort of non-profit blogs.

I mean, they began providing free content as the primary products on their blogs.

They offered their valuable time to create the best content possible. They spent an enormous amount of time to study and answering questions to their readers.

This we call pure service.

Blogging is a service-oriented calling. Being sincere to help readers. Provide them with the information they wanted.

And to be generous with your time and expertise.

Until such time, your traffic grows because your readers love your generosity.

Top bloggers as I analyze their backstory one by one, their common denominators, they started out as SERVANTS to their readers.


So, a journey to an empire starts in servanthood.

Are you willing to be a servant and sacrifice your time for free?

Only you can answer. And I’m all in.

Let start talking about money now.

When Do You Seize the Moment and Starts Getting Money?

Just one moment, before I answer that question.

Let me you tell you something.

The most time-consuming service for me is to create the best content possible (Like this one you’re reading now.).

You want to give your best to your readers.

And the downside? The content you spend writing for days or weeks, you will give it for free. That’s right. Ouch. No money for the effort.

That’s what the readers want. Freebies.

(Again, service first. It’s not a problem for me. I’m happy to serve you.)

Your primary product is free content. When you have great contents that readers will fall in love with, this is where you seize the moment.

They begin to keep coming back. Not only that, they’re also telling their friends by sharing your content online. Boom! You hit the jackpot.

Your content spread now like a wildfire. You can’t prevent people talking about you online.

Slowly you become famous as they talking about you and your content to others.

They thought you’re one of the best reliable resources to the niche you specialize.

Seize the moment and start getting money

How to Make Money Blogging?

There are different ways to make money blogging. Remember, your blog is like a convenience store. You can have as many products as you can.

It’s either you sell your own products or third-party products and earn a commission from it.

Profitable ways to make money blogging

1. Google Adsense
2. Advertising
3. Affiliate marketing
4. Selling Digital products
5. Selling Physical products
6. Selling Your Expert Services

Let’s try to take a closer look at them one by one.

1. Google Adsense

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition what Google Adsense is. This is the program runs by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

For blog startup, it is one of the simple ways to earn money through your blogs. All you need to sign up for the Google Adsense program.

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2. Advertising

Advertising is simply like what you see on TV. The difference, you make your blog to become a TV. It becomes an advertising channel. One thing to note: You have to limit your ads so that it won’t’ turn off your readers away. 

Placing ads is one of the great income-generating to some successful bloggers.

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3.  Affiliate Marketing

This is simply promoting other people’s product to your site through an affiliate network. The normal arrangement is revenue-sharing. There’s no exact percentage. It will be based on what network you are affiliated with.

You have the find the product you like and promote it on your site. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income.

A lot of bloggers revealed their affiliate income through their site month-to-month. And you can do the same if you’d like.

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4. Selling Your Digital Products

When you start getting a lot of traffic on your blog, you may start thinking to sell your own digital products.

The good thing about selling your own products, you keep all the profit. Unlike the affiliate programs, you only get a portion of the sale.

Digital products are e-books, printables, online courses, online paid membership, videos, software, audio, and digital art.

You may try this one. It is by far one of the most profitable sources of income that your blog can generate.

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5. Selling Physical Products

As you gain credibility online, any products that you mention will matter to your readers. And this includes any physical products you want to sell on your site.

You can either partner with the manufacturer. Or you may manufacture your own products. It’s a good idea. This is on top of other sources of income on your blog.

Depending on your niche, you can sell physical products through your blog/s like books, phones, and other stuff you’re interested to sell.

A lot of bloggers include physical products to have a mixed source of income.

Though based on my research and observation, mostly women bloggers are the ones doing this. They sell fashion and beauty products.

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6. Sell Your Expert Service

Last but not the least. You don’t need to become a popular blogger before you offer your services. Any skills that you are confident enough to offer, you may offering your services.

A lot of readers would like to have your time. They don’t want to just read your articles and buy your products. They want to talk to you. This will be your chance to charge your time.

The question is, how much do you charge? It depends. Some charges $200 per hour, $500 per hour and $1000 per hour.

It varies in your niche and years of expertise. See the ultimate guide below how much you can charge for your time and expertise.

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What is a Blog Empire?

This is where you’re able to dominate your niche and attract millions of traffic to your blog.  The story of Scott Delong is one of the best examples.  He started from scratch and his site became a one-man multi-million dollar website in the world.

It’s no accident. He’d sacrificed a lot to where he is today.

I remember a familiar adage that says, “A journey to a thousand miles starts with a baby step.”

This is true to any endeavor in life we want to achieve. All we need to do is to have laser-focus to achieve our goals in blogging.

I’ve been planning a lot to start an offline business a year ago. I almost made it happen.

However, upon self-reflection, I must start with something I really love doing which is to write and express my thoughts online.

So, my empire starts online and through what I love doing every day which is writing or blogging.

Are You Blogging for Money?

I’ll be lying to you to tell you that I don’t need money. I need it. Everyone needs it. I’m a family man.

Frankly, I started to blog because I love to write. I aim to write a book one day. However, as I dig up more information online, I saw the earning potential. That I can earn from what I love doing.

The truth is, earning a lot of money through our blog will take time. Yes, it really really takes time. Though there are some lucky guys out there who were able to earn right away.

But for the majority, to earn will take a while.

It always depends on our marketing strategy how we can attract massive readers to our site.

But, there are other benefits blogging can teach us while we wait for the plenty of harvests soon.

Like the art of patience. The art of service. And the art of better writing.

We will also learn the technical part of blogging slowly. You know what I mean, managing WordPress well (If you’re using WordPress).

Business blogging is a long-term game to be an online empire.

Are you willing to sacrifice and serve your readers?

Here’s our biggest capital: time and passion.

Without it, sooner or later we’ll give up. Because we didn’t see the expected amount of money coming in.

Final Thoughts

Are you planning to start your own blog business? Or you’re planning to put your blog onto the next level?

Go for it. I believe blogging is not yet saturated. There’s still a lot of unserved markets, out of more than four billion people in the world who are online.

We can succeed in blogging. We must believe.

Anything is possible for those who believe.  Given enough time to pick up our momentum.

It’s really possible. You can make it happen. We can make it happen.

Wealth is just within our reach online.

Just a matter of time.




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