5 Crucial Steps to Discover Your True Passion

A lot of people today still searching for their true passion.

I’m not exempted. It took me fifteen years before I discovered my true passion.

I explored a lot of things. Became average of doing many things. But couldn’t decide on one thing.

Not until I found my true passion. I realized, passion is energy. You get excited in life if you do the things you really love.

Someone said, “passion is the currency of happiness.”

I completely agree.

Let me ask you, have already found your true passion? That one thing you would like to do daily that makes you happy?

That one or two things you can focus on that gives you excitement and energy in life?

If you’re having trouble to decide which thing/s.

Today, allow me to share with you how I discovered my true passion.

Step 1: Think of Your Deepest Desires

Try to meditate on the questions below.

  1. What is it that something you would die doing forever?
  2. What is it that something making you so happy doing it? Even you’re not getting paid (At least at first).
  3. What is it that something you can do anytime even you feel lazy?
  4. What is it that something that every time you do it, you feel so fulfilled or satisfied?
  5. What are your deepest fears? What if you don’t do what you really wanted to do in life? How would you feel in the end? Do you have regrets?

These questions will help you uncover some truth what’s inside your heart.

If it’s still not clear.

It’s time to go to the next step.

Step 2:   Take Inventory of Your Interests and Hobbies

For example, here are some things I thought were my passions before.

1.  Basketball 

I got addicted to basketball. I played from morning ’till afternoon almost every day. I found out though, it is not realistic to make a career out of this. My height was causing me a lot of disappointments when I was with the taller guys playing.

2.  Dancing

I followed my friends’ hobby. A lot of girls are admiring dancers.  So I didn’t pursue dancing just for the sake of dancing. It feels terrible to practice dancing every day when your heart is not into it.

3.  Acoustic Singing

This thing I thought my definite path. I lost my world when I sing with my guitar. However, when I reached two hours singing, I run out of gas and could not go on. The fire within has a short span. It expires too soon. It satisfies me so easily. And the hunger to sing vanished after two hours.

4.  Composing Songs

I composed several music compositions for my crushes. I compose songs when I’m down. When I’m happy. When I’m sick. When my emotions are too strong. It means, my compositions are my emotions. I don’t feel the urge to compose when I don’t feel something too strong.

Which is most of the time. It’s not for me. It’s just an emotional outlet. Maybe, just maybe one day, my compositions will be played on a radio. When the time has come. I’ll pitch it to recording studios.

5.  Billiard

I played billiard like crazy. I forgot to eat most of the time. And cut a lot of classes during my school days.  I almost destroyed my life by playing this game. I was so addicted to this game that I gambled away my school allowances and forgot a lot of times to eat.

6.  Writing

When I was in college, I wrote several articles about my journey with God. I was so happy seeing the finished product of my writing. Regardless, if they have a lot of grammatical errors.

I didn’t know before about grammar rules. I applied only my rules. Seriously, I’m not kidding.

Feeling confident, I joined an essay writing contest. The result? I was put at the bottom with only 50 percent score. When they published the ranking on the bulletin board, with all the students to see, I felt so embarrassed.  I started to despise myself. Discouraged, I abandoned writing.

7.  Public Speaking

This is one of the reasons why I landed in the BPO industry. I wanted to learn how to speak English well. When I applied, I realized I was the worst speaker. All BPO companies rejected me. I could not pass even the initial interview. I almost gave up.  I was humbled by the experience.


As you can see, I was the most confused person. I tried a lot of things. There were more things I tried to be.

Now, it’s your time to take inventory. List your hobbies and interests. Once you have it, let’s use it to the next step.

Step 3:  Narrow Down the List 

Identify your top two you think are very close to your heart.

I listed my top two. That I feel I can do them forever.

Here they are: writing and speaking.

I’m a thinker. A lot of ideas going on in my mind and I need to express them. Or else I’m going to crazy.

My favorite? Writing.

Thanks to blogging. It won’t take to be a techie to start a blog. It gives me a chance to write everything I have in mind. I dreamt of writing a book. It’s now closer than I think because of blogging.

How about speaking? I’m passionate about it too. I want to share my story through public speaking. But I can’t do it every day. Upon self-reflection, I can combine the two.

I’m passionate about communication: writing and speaking.

How about you? List your top two if you can’t decide on one.

Let us proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Try to Explore New Things

Now, If you are not convinced yet to the list you made in step 3, here’s a better solution.

It’s time for you to try things you’d never done before. Yes. That’s what I did.

How to try new things?

1.  Volunteer

I volunteered in the church community when I was young and handsome (I think I still am today). That’s where I discovered my interest in speaking. You may try any community like NGOs and other volunteer organization. You don’t know how you uncover things to yourself.  Try to do things you’ve never done before.  Volunteer.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Challenge your status quo. Get out of your routine.

I do not know that I can write and speak until I tried it. As I mentioned, I write so badly.

Today, I’m improving by writing every day.

I don’t know how to speak. I stuttered with my words. Now, I developed my confidence through attending a club (Gensan Toastmasters Club) who provides me with an avenue to improve my enhance my speaking skils.

Get out of your comfort zone.

3. Travel to New Places

I traveled to another city and applied to the BPO industry. I was able to meet new people and be able to join a local club of Toastmasters International.

You may travel local or international. You don’t know what’s in store for you when you meet new people and discover your passion in new places.

Let us go to the last step.

Step 5:   Elevate the Fire Within. Express Yourself Every Day

I decided to focus on communication.  Since writing is the primary thing I love to do, I started to blog.

I write every day to express my thoughts and ideas through blogging.

How about you?

Have an avenue to express yourself. Get a platform to release your core energy every day.

If you’re really passionate about art. There should be a way to express yourself every day.

If you are passionate about leadership, there should be an organization to lead people every day.

If you are passionate about writing, there should be an avenue to write every day.

Hone and perfect your craft.

In summary:

  1. Think of your deepest desires.
  2. Take inventory of your interests and hobbies.
  3. Define your one thing to focus on.
  4. Try new things if you’re not decided yet with the step #3.
  5. Elevate the fire within. Express yourself every day.


Final Thoughts

Life is a choice.

No one is to be blamed if you’re still not happy today because you didn’t do what you love doing.

No one is to be blamed if you’re still feeling miserable today because you didn’t take the courage to follow the path that’s right for you.

Only you can decide for your life. Only you… can make yourself happy.

Follow your heart. Live your life to the fullest.

By doing something of what’s you’re really passionate about in life.


What do you think of the steps? Do you have something to add? Please leave a comment below.



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