Dream Big: What A Dream Can Do to Us While Pursuing Them

A lot of people misinterpreted me sometimes.

Because I dream big dreams, they frown and signify that it’s not practical to dream big due to my background.

I was born poor.

My parents are poor. My grandparents are poor. Even our dog is poor.

In this world of failures, people discourage other people to pursue big dreams.

I understand where they’re coming from.

Dream Helps Me Get Excited About Life

I wrote down my dreams just to set myself in the right direction. The bigger the dream, the more exciting I am to go through in life.

I’m not worried if I reach my dreams or not. What I am up to is the exciting journey of my big dreams.

Yes! The journey is the most exciting part of the deal.

Dreaming Big Could Arouse More Curiosity

Big dreams triggered more my curiosity in life. “How can I achieve my dreams?”

Questions are the answers. Finding answers to the questions is a great challenge.

My dreams taught me to be humble enough to ask endlessly and find those answers.

It helps me to think critically. And it pushes me to go beyond my limit.

Dreams Can Change Us For the Better

In the past, I was the laziest man in the world. I could sleep all day and do nothing. My father always admonished me of this bad habit.

He always told me as well to read. But I ignored him. “Reading makes me fall asleep.” That’s the usual response of my mind.

Seriously, I abhorred reading.

This was me. But today, I read a lot. I have piles of books in my house. Aside from the physical books, i buy Kindle ebooks in Amazon.

Well, in fact, my mind is hungrier than my stomach.

I realized, since I’m dreaming big, I had to change myself for the better.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Dreams can really change us.

Because we are forced to humble ourselves for us to know how to achieve our dreams.

To learn from successful people. From people who already in our path before.

To reach our dreams, patience and perseverance are required.

We can’t avoid the struggles and failures in life towards fulfilling our dreams. It’s always part of the process.

By then, we should continue the journey no matter what. Even there’s a lot of pots-and-holes, humps-and-bumps on the road to success.

And no matter what happens –– we should never ever give up. All we need is to be patient and be ready to change for our dreams.



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