End Stronger: We Have a Choice to End Our Story Beautifully

End StrongerDid you ever have regrets in your life?

You’d regretted years of doing something else, than doing the things you really love and earn from it?

It sucks. Right?

I did.

But we have a choice to end stronger than ever!


When we were young if you could remember, our parents asked us many times, “What do you want to become son? What do you want to become sweetie?”

As children, it’s easy for us today, “I want to become a doctor, an engineer, a pilot!” But as we grew up, our aspirations in life started to get unclear.

We ask things like, “What career path should I take? What it is that something am I good at? What am I passionate about?  

Let me tell you about my story

When my parents separated early, I really don’t know what I wanted to do with my life. The first thing that came to my mind was to become a professional basketball player.

I was so obsessed to become like Michael Jordan.

I didn’t see my height, I only see my dream. I practiced hard every day from morning till evening. I dribbled the ball under the sun and under the rain.

Every time I joined a basketball league, I was so excited that I could win every game. Like Michael Jordan winning a lot of games at the very last minute. Obviously, this didn’t happen.  

Most of the time I was sitting on a bench. They didn’t want me to play.

As we were playing against the big guys. I felt small plus I’m literally small. It’s a double-punch pain.

I rebelled, walk away, and quit to become like Michael Jordan. 

Pursuing a new passion

Then I found a new passion:  billiard. This time I wanted to become a world pool champion like Efren “Bata” Reyes. Many told me he slept on a billiard pool table. I did what he did almost every night.

But, I didn’t get the same results, even just a quarter of his skills. I gambled away my school allowances and cut a lot of classes at school. I forgot to eat many times by being so addicted to this game.

I quit again. I almost destroyed my health as well as my studies.

I went home. Alone. Confused about what to do next.

A new passion again

It didn’t take long I found a new path: To be a famous guitarist. I thought of becoming a world-famous guitarist like Carlos Santana.

However, I had two problems. First, I don’t have a guitar. Second, my father could not afford it. For practical reasons, I brush-off the idea.

I just borrowed a guitar from our neighbor.

When I play the guitar, people push me to sing. And when I sing, they don’t like it.  Just to please these people, I pursued singing.

I was obsessed with it. Possessed by it. And slaved by it.

I sang every day as if I had a big concert coming every day. When I watched a lot of singers on TV, I got discouraged. Most of them are good-looking. And me? It’s up to you.

(I might write a separate article of not judging others. Just kidding. Wink!).

I questioned life

Discouraged. Humiliated. Freaking confused.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted in life. I feel like I were the most hopeless human being in the universe.

Did it happen to you before?  You question life as well. If you really have a place in this world?

Especially, you failed at doing something, criticized by other people, and humiliated by someone.

Like me, I was bombarding life with a lot of silly questions.

Why was I not born handsome?  I should have been a model now (Fantasies).

Why was I not blessed with height?  Should I have been a basketball player now! (Wishing!).

Why wasn’t I born with a natural singing ability? I should have been a recording artist now (Dreaming).

Why couldn’t I find that one thing I’m really good at (Seriously)?

Was I crazy to ask those questions?


Random circumstance led me to what I really want

One time, someone invited me to be a guitarist for a seminar at church. One speaker couldn’t make it.

My leader pulled me in if I could speak. I doubted myself. I’d never spoke to a crowd before. But, I did it anyway. And I started to like public speaking.

Through public speaking, I began to love words and read a lot of books to widen my knowledge.

Until I realized I love to write. The problem? I don’t know how to write. I’m pretty bad at it.

I joined an essay writing contest one time when I was in college.  I was placed at the bottom.

Shame! I walked away and abandoned writing.

After twelve years, I’m back again writing.

No matter how crazy my grammar is. No matter how screwed my paragraph is.  I get going today. So I write every day.

Why Did I Start to Blog?

1. For me to express my thoughts or ideas.  I’m a thinker. A lot of ideas going on in my mind. I have to express them or else, I’m going crazy.

2. To have a lot of flexibility and freedom. I want to own my own time. Through blogging, that’s one of the perks to come.

3. Earn in the digital world and enjoy the best of life has to offer. I believe the cheapest way to start a business is a blogging business. 

End stronger!

I have a sort of regrets why I didn’t start writing a few years ago. I procrastinated a lot.

Even then, it doesn’t matter if we started late! It doesn’t matter if we procrastinated a lot before. And it doesn’t matter that we failed many times in the past.

Because in the end, our past doesn’t matter. What matters the most is how we choose to finish in life.

Let us END STRONGER. Because we have a choice!

As the old adage says, “Life is a choice.”


We have a choice to end our life story beautifully in this world.


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