There is Gold in the Philippines! (Why Going Abroad is Not Necessary)

Gold in the PhilippinesOnce a upon a time the Philippines is full of gold.

There’s gold everywhere according to many historians.

You could find the gold in the river, on the mountains, under the sea, and in every corner of this country!

What early Indian texts refer to the Philippines as Survarnadvipa, means “Islands of Gold”.

However, that’s not the case anymore. But there’s another gold that still everywhere. Opportunities to earn big and get rich in this country.

Do you believe it?

We Can Be Rich in This Country

A lot of our fellow countrymen thought that the Philippines is a hopeless country.

Their only option to get rich or earn big is to go abroad and work.

How many times I was asked repeatedly to go overseas by my friends, colleagues, random strangers, cousins, ghosts, animals, and any creatures who can talk.

My answer always, “No need to go abroad. I can be rich in this country.”

I always believe that our country is growing and prospering.

It’s either we ride with the growth or avoid it and leave.

We Can Fulfill Our Dreams Here

Many networkers would always say to you, “Are you open-minded?” Do you know what they mean, don’t you?

But whatever their hocus-pocus, there’s wisdom to the question.

You can only see the opportunity if your mind is open.

Opportunities are base on perception. If you believe that you can be rich in this country using your knowledge and problem-solving skills, you can.

If you believe that you can earn big here than going abroad, you definitely can.

It’s a matter of changing your perception and open your mind to possibilities. Believe our country is full opportunities and that there’s hope.

With good planning, hard work, and ride the right opportunity, we can surely fulfill our dreams here!

Earn Dollars At Home

earn dollars at home

You don’t need to leave this country to earn dollars. You can get it from the comfort of your own home due to technology.

Truth be told, even if you don’t know a lot about computer stuff,  there’s a way to through it and make a living online.

In the comfort of your home, you can really earn big (That’s what I do today). It just takes some skills and attitude to start with.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to learn new skills?

It requires patience to begin with. Also, time is your biggest investment.

Anyone Can Start a Business and Sell Some Products Online

Over 47 million Filipinos are connected to Facebook. And we spend more time on Facebook and Instagram than on TV.

How much time do you spend on Facebook every day?

Do you know that Facebook and other social media channels are great opportunities to sell your products online? Not only products but also to some services you can offer.

Do you have some skills like carpentry, plumbing, baking, etc.? These are some skills to market online and get clients to serve.

Adapt to technology and learn how to use it effectively to start a service business or sell some products online.

The Opportunities Are Endless Actually

The opportunities to earn big and get rich in this country is endless.

Even if you’re an undergraduate without a computer at home, you can still earn big by working in the BPO industry.

The top requirement only is your communication skills. If you’re not good at it, there’s a lot of free communications training out there. You can search them online or to places near you.

I have a schoolmate went to the Middle East. She’s a college graduate. I was surprised she only earns P20,000 a month. She left her family at home just to earn this amount.

She didn’t realize that a lot of BPO companies can give this salary or more. She doesn’t need to leave her family and be away with them for years.

I was earning more than her while I was still working as a call center agent (Today I work at home). She doesn’t want to open her mind every time I talk to her.

Frankly, I pity her.

If she could only realize that there’s a lot of ways to earn better in this country.

There Are Three Ways to See the Opportunities Around

1. Open-mindedness

You have to open your mind to really spot the opportunities everywhere.

Maybe you can ask your friend who earns better than you and gets some ideas. You can search on Google and on some Facebook pages.

Begin with a teachable attitude. Open your mind and learn new things.

Our mind is like an umbrella, it only works better if you open it.

2. Adapt to change

The only constant in this world is change.  Make change be your best friend.

If you’re doing the same thing over and over again and your income still the same. Then, the best thing you do is to ask yourself.

“What change should I do to earn more?”

3. See our country as full of opportunities than full of political sh*t

If we focus on politics, what you get is the political noise of hate and fight, lies and deceit, trouble and endless drama.

But if we focus on the good side of this country, then what we get is hope. That we still have a chance to succeed. That we can earn better and be rich.  And that we can fulfill our dreams in this country.

Focus less on politics and more on your success.

Remember, what you focus on… GROWS!

The Gold is Everywhere Today

The Philippines is a developing country. But are you personally developing today?

The Philippines is continually growing. Are you also growing your skills continually?

In our country, more and more opportunities produced every day. Because we are growing and developing!

And the gold yesterday is the actually the opportunities today.

See the gold in you. See the gold around.

Believe! There is gold in the Philippines!













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