Grow Yourself Everyday! Always Have a Room To Be Better Each Day

Grow yourself everydayYou and I have made some terrible mistakes in the past.

Some learned. Others don’t.

Do you know that your past does not define your future?

When I Was Young

I had a friend who has a fancy name, Tenten. He persuaded me to steal many times. “Mar, let’s steal some mangoes!” 

“Don’t worry, you won’t climb, Kevin and I are the climbers. You will be the catcher.”

“How do we get there?” I asked curiously.

“Remember there was an earthquake last night? The wall fell. We only need to climb another wall to get through the mango tree!” 

“Okay. How about the security guard carrying a shotgun?”

“Well, he’s sleeping at this hour! C’mon let’s go! While the guard is still sleeping.”

We’re in the vicinity. The place was so quiet. Tenten climbed the mango tree and Kevin climbed a coconut tree where a few branches of mango tree crossing there.

They whispered in unison and threw some mangoes on me, “Mar, catch!”

Wow! Fresh Mangoes. I was tempted to eat one but I hold on to myself. To be fair with them.

 A Loud Voice That Causes Us to Panic

We heard a loud voice. From a place where we used as the entrance.

“HOYYYYY!!!!!” We panic. 

“OMG! We’re trapped!” 

My friends jumped quickly from the top quickly. We all ran for the safety of our lives.

There we were blazing in a forest. I ran 50kph. My friends ran 55kph. They’d overtaken me.

It’s my first time to steal and now we’ll be caught.  I regretted my decision to join them.

While we were running, we noticed no one was chasing us. We stopped. Panting a lot.

We turned our backs and searched where the voice came from. Who was really chasing us? 


It was another friend of ours who poked at us. Laughing out loud.

I asked myself, “What if my friend was the real guard who carried a shotgun and decided to shoot us? It was a life-changing moment for me.

Our Past Does Not Define Our Future

I don’t know how many times I shared this story to the youth.

When I was still a youth leader at church, I shared my story of transformation.  Who I was in the past.

Our past does not define our future.

Only our good decisions today could shape our better tomorrow.

Fiends, we can change. We can be better. It’s just a matter of choice.

Are We Changing For the Better?

We are not a tree. That when he says, “OMG. I can’t change. I am stuck to where I am for the rest of my life!”

He’s right. But we’re not a tree. We are human beings. We can walk and talk. Think and blink. Eat and defecate. Change is part of our nature.  

The question is, are we changing for the better?

What’s sad, those friends of mine were imprisoned. We separated our ways. They continued doing what they were doing.

I saw one of them in prison during our outreach program. We had a small talk.

“Ten, what are you doing here?” 

“I was framed. Someone accused me of robbery.” He said sheepishly.

The Cause of Denial

My friend had been caught many times. He still in denial and always justify his actions.

Denial is one of the main stumbling blocks to change. We can’t change something within us what we don’t acknowledge. A smoker couldn’t quit his smoking habit because he always justifies himself.

“I’ve been smoking for 15 years and it didn’t kill me.” 


Friends, we have to acknowledge. We have to acknowledge that there’s something within us need to change.  Needs to grow.  Or needs to improve.

That there’s more to learn in life. There’s more room for us to improve. Even at whatever stages, we are in life, there’s still a more beautiful version of us have to come out.

Imagine a better you next month. A better you next year. A better you in the next five years. Just imagine. See yourself as a more beautiful, wonderful, and amazing you.

Today, I’m far from the Marleo I know five years ago. I’m a lifelong learner. And I’ll never stop learning and improving myself every day.

Grow Yourself Everyday

We are on a journey of making ourselves better. For as long as we live, we are not done yet with ourselves,

Yes! Acknowledge you are great! But you can be greater. Yes! Acknowledge you are good. But you can be better.

Friends, always have a room to be better each day.



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