How to Learn Marketing Basics Like Talking to a Gorgeous Woman

Marketing BasicsI have two MBAs: The academic and personal one, which is Marleo’s Biggest Ambition.

My academic degree is nothing. What’s something is my other MBA. 

Enough of myself! Let’s focus on our topic.

In college, you probably heard of  Marketing. Or you attended a class about it.

How did you find the subject?

Is it interesting? Or dull?

I have a confession: I find it boring. No, it’s not because of the teacher. But the subject itself. No offense to my professors, they did their best to present Marketing in a light tone and interesting. Sadly, I still fell asleep.

When I read a lot of Marketing books, no matter how I tried, I feel drowsy and eventually fall asleep. Why in the world Marketing is a sleeping pill for me? I don’t have the answer. No wonder I suck a lot to market any products in the offline world.

As a wide reader, I peruse a lot of topics from history, scientific, motivational, spiritual etc. My mind gets hungry more often than my stomach.

However, when it comes to Marketing, it is the least subject I dive in.

But not until I started a blog. I embarked myself to study it deeper. Amazingly, I fell in love with the subject. I pursued it like crazy now.

Here are the marketing basics.

How to understand Marketing?

When I was still studying, I lend more ears to a teacher who use a lot of analogy to simplify complex concepts.

Let us do the same too.

For the spirit of fun, let us learn marketing basics like talking to a gorgeous woman.

In the meantime, hold on for a while to introduce you to a muddy definition of Marketing.

What is marketing?

Here’s the Wikipedia’s definition – Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy a customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that Marketing is one of the premier components of Business Management – the other being innovation. 

How did you find that? Exciting? Unlikely, didn’t you?

That’s for the brilliant guys who pursue Marketing like a scientific breakthrough.

How about us?

This is how I understand Marketing.

Marketing is any activities to promote your idea or product to a customer.  Period.

For example, you saw a gorgeous woman and you plan to pursue her. Any of your activities will matter now. She doesn’t know you. How do you market or sell yourself to her?

Every action you will do from now on moving forward is counted. From planning until you win her heart.

Let’s have a marketing strategy.

First things first, you need to get her name. Right?

Where a Marketing word derived from?

You asked her, “Hi, it seems you’re familiar, did we meet somewhere?”

She didn’t respond and just smiled; rolled her eyes in wonder.

“By the way, I’m Tim, and you?” You raise your hand to have a handshake.

You’re lucky she reacted positively because you’re a nice guy.

“Hmm. Just call me Miss Marketing.”

“Wooh, what a nice name, is it derived from something?” You’re trying to establish rapport.

“Yeah, It came from a Latin word Mercatus means trading, traffic or market”.

“Amazing!” You were stunned.

A Brief History of Marketing

She added, “My family is as old as the civilization from ancient Greece and Rome. Our name became known that has something to do with developments during the 18th and 19th industrial revolution.” 

“Oh, sounds interesting!” You got more fascinated by her background now.

Two Types of Marketing

You ask Miss M about her parents and she didn’t hesitate to share.

“My father married twice. I have more siblings that you could imagine. He got married first to Offline and got divorced. He maintained his friendships with her. You probably know whom he got married next?”

“Yes, Online” You answered as if you are a telepath.

Let me pause for a while to our story and explain briefly the online and offline types of Marketing.

In a digital world, the classification of Marketing is very clear.

If you have a business, whatever type it is. Your activities to market your product is easy to separate. You either you go offline and/or online. Both are equally important and gives credibility. Both can attract customers. And both activities should be done simultaneously.

It only depends on what type of business you’re running, that you give more weight to one than the other.

What Are These Two Mothers of Marketing?

“Could you please tell me more about your two mothers?” You asked curiously.

“Online Marketing is a set of tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the internet. It used channels to reach more customers like SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, display ads, email and more.”

“In other words, it is promoting products and services through the internet, right?” You asked to confirm.

“Yes!” She smiled. She thought you’re clever to get the idea.

“How about the other mother of yours?”

“Well, Offline Marketing refer to other media channels that aren’t connected to the World Wide Web or the internet. Offline marketing strategies utilize offline media channels to create awareness of a company’s products and services. These campaigns can include radio and print advertising – including billboards, signs and pamphlets – telemarketing, and television ads. ” 

“That’s cool!” You responded like you’re now a close friend to her.

That’s the end of our story. You get the basics now.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is getting too complex today due to a lot of competitors and the emergence of digital channels. It’s quite hard to master every area of marketing.

Hence, we can master one channel at a time. Or depending on your budget, you can hire a third party or your own people to do the online marketing for you.

Whatever the case, utilize the online marketing as the people are more connected to the internet and it’s the cheapest way to reach more people.


How did you find the basics of Marketing? Do you have some questions and something to add? Let me know your thoughts. Drop a comment below.


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