Non-Voice Jobs: 7 Things You Should Do To Successfully Get One Online

Non-voice jobsI worked in the BPO industry for seven years. And five of those years were taking calls almost every day.

And when I decided to go back home and moved closer to my family in Mindanao, I thought of not taking calls anymore. I felt I graduated to this job.

I think you’ll agree with me: taking calls every day is stressful. And somehow becomes boring, monotonous, and exhausting.

(I believe this happens to some other jobs too.)

When I applied online,  I look specifically for non-voice clients. Lucky enough, I found them in less than two weeks.

Today, allow me to share with you on how I successfully got my non-voice clients.

Let’s jump in.

Non-voice jobs online

1. Think of Your Social Media Accounts as Online Resumes

I reorganized my social media accounts and audited them before I apply. To make it more appealing to potential clients when they search me online.

Also, I made sure that I wrote in English most of the time. I don’t bother at all if a lot of my Facebook friends think negatively about it. I simply don’t care!

I’m trying to impress my clients and not my friends. Just to show to them that I have some writing skills and able to express my thoughts fluidly (Not perfectly) in English.

If you apply for a job to some sites online, most of them will ask for your social media accounts.

Be informed: Clients have access to them. Impress them with who you are through your social media accounts.

2. Build non-voice skills

I was non-techie when I started (I think I still am today). I was confused about what I can offer to my potential clients. What I only had in mind is I don’t want to take calls anymore.

Too many things I don’t know online. Like I don’t know everything about social media marketing. I don’t know about blogging. I don’t know about SEO. And bunch of things in demand online that I don’t know. Simply, I was a computer dumb.

But not until I realized there’s only one non-voice job I can compete with: Become an admin assistant to someone.

With this idea, I researched online what an admin assistant does. I watched videos on Youtube and Google some basic online applications use by admin assistants online.

I’m embarrassed to admit: even Skype I don’t know how to use.

It opened my eyes that this application is one of the most important things to learn online.

Majority of clients conducting their interviews through Skype. If I don’t know how to use it, that’s the beginning of an end.

I started to learn this application first. After, I digested other stuff especially Google products: Gmail, Google calendar, Google Sheet, and Google Docs.

If you want to get non-voice jobs? Obviously, build non-voice skills. Some non-voice skills are writing, social media marketing, admin jobs, etc.

If you don’t have some money to throw away for training, then use the free resources online.

3. Apply Aggressively Online

I prayed a lot. But I accompanied it with a massive action.

Because I understand the principles of success early. It’s based on the numbers game.  And to play the numbers game, I had to show some aggressiveness with my online applications.

I submitted five to ten applications almost every day.

If I was rejected to a lot of job applications after college graduation. Then, I must replicate the same attitude of never say never until I get my first client online.

Increase your success rate by playing the numbers game. Be aggressive with your online applications.

4. Show some great attitude during the interview

A great attitude is showing you have a teachable attitude and willing to learn things fast.

That you’re NOT pretending to be a know-it-all person. Just be honest about things you don’t know.

During the interview, I was asked by my clients if I know how to use certain applications. I was hesitant to say no that I might turn them off.

But I told them the truth whatever the result of the interview and say, “No, I don’t know how to use them. But, I’m willing to be trained and I’m a fast learner!”

I was told to wait. They still need to interview other applicants.

Out of the many applicants they screened, I was surprised I got hired. Even I price a bit high.

Take note: I have no experience being a virtual assistant. And I was competing with the experienced ones.

My secret: I compete with my attitude because I didn’t have experience.

5. Think Positive

Do you believe you can start a career online?

Believe! You can do it!

Even you think you don’t have the technical skills (Like me when I started).

Despite all my doubts and fears, I find courage through believing in myself. I believe I have what it takes to succeed online.

I always tell myself repeatedly, “If others can do it, I can do it too”

Yes! Think positive.

If I can do it, you can do it too!  

Believe in your power to succeed online.

6. Create a blog

Either you go for a free blog site or a paid one, create!

A blog is a big plus to your resume online. But a paid blog (hosted) site like mine has a great advantage.

Why? You have more control of the functionalities than using a free site. Most clients know about this. It kinda impresses them a bit if you have one.

But the main point here why you should have a blog is… to have an avenue to write and get better in writing.

Because a better writer has a chance of getting a non-voice non-technical job online.

Create a blog as an added credibility and become a better writer.

(Who knows your blog might become your business too. One day when you attract a lot of traffic or readers.)

7. Be a problem solver!

In my opinion, this is one of the most important qualifications online.

I was surprised when my clients told me that she chose me because I’m a problem solver.

Now I understood, they need someone who can fix their day-to-day business problems.

Put this attitude on your social media profiles. I didn’t tell my client that I’m a problem solver. She didn’t ask me anyway.

I was wondering why she says I’m a problem solver?

When I reviewed my LinkedIn profile, I saw it there. I just forgot that I wrote it.

Learn to be a problem solver. Offer this important attitude to your client. Impress them that you can ease the burden of their work through your problem-solving skills.

Help them simplify their business process and their lives too.

Final Thoughts

If it is your first time to apply online with no technical background and experience, I’ll tell you, it’s not that easy to get your first client.

But keep going and believe in yourself. Never give up until you get your first client.

Once you get one, it may not be hard to get your next clients.

Your educational background matter less.

The competition online is more of skills, attitude, and character you possess.

Are you trustworthy, honest, and reliable? Show to them that you are!

Even you’re highly skilled, but if you don’t have the right attitude they’re looking for, you won’t be able to get a job and build a career online, FAST.






2 Replies to “Non-Voice Jobs: 7 Things You Should Do To Successfully Get One Online”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. But, one question keeps roaming in my mind, Like is it possible for me to have an online job like this for a part-time?

    Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Yes Dante. I started my online job as a part-timer while I was still working in the BPO industry(Which you will know the whole story with my next post to be published on Monday.). For part-time, it requires a minimum of 20 hours per week or 4 hours a day. You can do this as a side hustle while you’re currently working. Once you become confident that the online job can give you a good career, you can slowly transition to full time and accept more clients or stick to one client rendering 8 hours a day.

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