The Good Side of Procrastination (And What Procrastination means to Success)

procrastinationHave you ever procrastinated before? 

Did you feel guilty sometimes for putting off an impending task?

Are we kinda doomed due to this habit?

Let me tell a research about procrastination

Professor Shin at the University of Wisconsin conducted a research about procrastination.

She investigated the hypothesis by carrying out surveys at two different companies, analyzing how often staff there procrastinated. And then getting their bosses to rate how creative and innovative they were.

The group that procrastinated a bit before they began was more creative than the control group who jumped right in.

There’s hope

I’ve been toying in my mind about my business ideas for the past seven years. It is still yet to happen.  I tried to jump right away into my first business idea and I failed miserably.

I was reckless.

People ask me, “Marleo where’s your next business now (Offline business)?”

“Next year, it will happen. Don’t worry!” I said always.

I read the book Originals:  How Non-Conformist Move the World by Adam Grant. He’s a fantastic author.  He discussed thoroughly of many successful entrepreneurs who procrastinated a lot prior to their success.

According to his research, people who developed an original idea are procrastinators. Oops, I may be one of them. 

I renewed hope was awakened.

The good side of procrastination

I believe procrastination is not bad after all. There’s the good side of it.

Leonardo Da Vinci finished his greatest work Mona Lisa for sixteen years as he got diverted to a lot of things.

Adam Grant said, “The greatest speeches in history were re-written at the last minute so that we had a lot of flexibility to improvise while we were still on stage, as opposed to getting the script set in stone months in advance according to research. Like the speech of Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln.”

He added, “However, taking procrastination too far can also hinder creativity. Further research found that leaving things to the very last minute meant people rushed to complete tasks, implementing the easiest idea than coming up with the most original.”

Now, if we take procrastination very very far, it becomes a habit, a mañana habit. That’s why we must be aware of our decisions every day. 

We must not lose our focus on what we’re trying to accomplish at work or in life.

Here’s what procrastination means to success

I read somewhere else what procrastination means to success. 

“It is just a way of giving ourselves enough time to mull something over before we begin. We can gather our thoughts, take in more inspiration, and look beyond the most obvious solutions to find the most creative ones.” Anonymous

Procrastination can further harness our creativity.  It empowers more our imaginative mind to come up with an original idea. An idea that can inspire others and can make this world a better place to live.

Friends, if you procrastinate, procrastinate positively and don’t lose your sight to your most precious goals.



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