Here’s Why You Should Never Pay For Any Virtual Assistant Training Except…

Virtual Assistant TrainingI’ll be honest with you:

I didn’t pay for any virtual assistant training to start my virtual career.

And I believe you can do the same.

But here’s a thing: It takes a lot of time and the patience to learn things on your own.

Especially to browse in the library of Google University. You know what I mean, to google everything you want to know.

Are you willing to do it?

Perhaps yes. Perhaps no.

You may want to do the shortcut process:

Pay someone to teach you. Or enroll yourself in some online classes.

Too many of them marketed on Facebook and other social media channels.

If you go on this route, now hear me out:

Assess and Make an Inventory First of Yourself

To become a virtual assistant, you have to know yourself first. Where you’re at and what skills you already have.

By knowing yourself, you might discover you don’t need any training anymore.

You only need to read a few articles online on how to get started and where to apply.

This might save you a few thousand paying unnecessary training.

How Good Are You in Your Communication Skills?

From the scale of 1 to 10, what level are you when it comes to your skills in communication, both oral and written?

If you think you’re at 5, means fair. You can start from there.

Both oral and written communication is really important.

You don’t need to be excellent. For as long as you’re not applying for a customer service job taking phone calls all day.

Remember: a majority of clients are from the English speaking countries.

They always prefer to work with people (From our country) who is good at communication. Even you’re applying for a technical job (IT related skills), it’s nothing if you don’t know how to communicate yourself in English.

This is one of the top qualities needed for a virtual career.


Here’s Why You Should Never Pay for Any Virtual Assistant Training Except…

(The Upgrade)

1. You want to add skills in your belt to raise your rate and attract good clients

Adding more skills will help you raise your value. When you raise your value, you can demand a higher rate.

With a higher rate, you can earn more.

2. You need more flexibility and want to study skills that give you that type of privilege

There are specific skills that give you greater time flexibility, like writing skills.

If you want to control your own time, get some skills that give you that type of privilege.

This is actually my plan to improve more my skills in writing. I’ll have my training soon.

3. You want to learn more to pursue what you’re passionate about

You’re bored doing the same thing over and over again. And now you want to try something new.

That you want to learn a new skill that makes life exciting again. Doing things with excitement is connected to things we’re passionate about.

It’s heaven to earn from what you really love doing. Isn’t it?

Pursue what you’re truly passionate about. Go for it and get some training.

Live with your passion.


(Now, here’s the lazy part)

4. You have some extra cash to throw away for spoon feeding lesson

To get some training, it requires you to pay. Sometimes, they’re expensive.

But if you have some extra cash for spoon feeding lessons, then take advantage of it.

Nothing can stop you for as long as you have the money.

5. You don’t have the time and the patience to read free materials online

You’re already aware that there are free materials online. But you ignore them.

Because you say, you’re too busy at work. You don’t have time to spare for reading. Other than to breathe.

Now if time is your enemy, get some training online and learn things in your own time.

6. You don’t know yourself and need someone to know yourself

You want to become a virtual assistant but you don’t know how to get started.

The worse thing is you don’t know yourself for you to start your virtual career.

You need help to take advantage of your own skills. However, you’re not completely aware what are them. Or you already aware, but you’re not sure or confident of your skills.

If that’s the case, you need someone to help you. Through training, they can help you uncover the skills you already have. And they can polish them.

But you need to have some cash to pay.

Unless you know a mentor willing to guide you for free.

7. You’re lazy to ask me and write a comment below what you want to know more

You reach this part and for some reasons, the information didn’t satisfy you at all.

You wonder I didn’t cover everything. There are still some questions left in your head.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be lazy. And don’t be shy to write a comment.

I’d be happy to answer your queries. Just to help you move forward in your goal to work at home.

The bible says, “Ask you shall receive.”

Final Thoughts

A lot of virtual assistants I know didn’t pay any formal training to start their virtual career.

They just believe in themselves and aggressively apply online.

For the record: I’m not in any way insinuating that getting some training is a waste of your time and your money.

Or that you should avoid training at all cost.

(You may review the “EXCEPT” portion of this article again.)

Training is just an option. But you can start your virtual career without it.

The real issue sometimes in getting some training?

It’s the MONEY thing.

Because free training is too rare in this world. 


Do you have some questions? You think this article is still not enough for you?

Drop your comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.






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